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Projects Involved

posted Mar 31, 2012, 5:13 AM by Pak Yu Ho   [ updated Jun 15, 2012, 9:02 AM ]
Projects Involved

Project: Bugs Bunny R/C Car Age: 3+

Client / Year: Mattel / 2003

Project Description:

  1. A single function R/C Car with Bugs Bunny or Taz-Mania figure.

  2. This car can only move straight forward or backward in circle.

  3. When the car moves or crushs, the figure will be pumping.

Job Role:

  1. Worked as a Project Leader to co-ordinate different parties.

  2. Tooling Review of moulds for production.

  3. Solving problems on manufacturing.

Project: Tonka Joe Helicopter Truck Age: 6+

Client / Year: Hasbro / 2004

Project Description:

  1. A toy truck which has a helicopter inside.

  2. When the truck deployed, it will elevate the helicopter and the helicopter will give out “elevator” sound.

  3. When the trigger on tail of the helicopter is pull, it will give out “flying” sound and the propeller spins.

  4. There is also a ball luncher on the top of the helicopter which can shot PU balls.

  5. There is also a some figure Tonka Joe figure which have joint and can put inside the canpoy of the helicopter.

Job Role:

  1. Mock up model review and development.

  2. Mechanical Design of the mechanism of ball luncher, truck depolying and propeller spinning.

  3. Worked as a Project Leader to co-ordinate different parties.

  4. Tooling Review of moulds for production.

  5. Solving problems on manufacturing.

Project: Music Bouncing Ball Age: 18m+

Client / Year: Kids II / 2010

Project Description:

  1. A 10inch ball made by hard plastic which will bounce itself when virbration function turned ON.

  2. There are different buttons on the ball. When they are hit or pressed, sound and light will be given out.

  3. There are 2 game modes:

  1. Bouncing randomly to play sound and light.

  2. Kids press the correct key to give relative sound and light.

Job Role:

  1. To help Realizing the concept drawing to be working sample.

  2. To Review with engineers from client and manufacturers in solving problems that may be faced in Tooling, Manufacturing or Safety.

  3. Help providing cost down options to achieve targeted price.